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How Brendon Burchard built his Expert Empire – a Passion Profits Report

2A few days ago I sent you an overview of what my remote mentor Brendon Burchard calls the “Expert Empire”.

Today, he covers exactly how he built his Empire in Publishing his own ideas about his chosen topic, about teaching what he loves and getting paid extremely well to do so.

He shows you step by step the keys to HOW YOU CAN BUILD YOUR expert empire too.

What follows below is my report on the Video, outlaying it’s contents in case you just want to scan for the value, and decide if you should watch the video (which I suggest you do)


Experts Academy Video 2 – How to Build Your Expert Empire

Brendon Burchard, founder of experts Academy, author of New York Times #1 best-seller list The Millionaire Messenger is bringing you another great training video on how to build an expert Empire!

This video Brendon talks about building your online platform so you can share your advice, knowledge, wisdom, life story and professional expertise with the world.

  1. How do you win a presidential election?
  2. How do you get recurring revenue online?
  3. Key objections and problems in starting this
  4. Sequences he and Obama have both used to monetize marketing platforms

Build Your Expert Empire

What is an expert?

An expert is a person with a high degree of skill or knowledge of a subject. They are a person you trust who defines:

  1. What to pay attention to
  2. What things mean
  3. How things work
  4. How to advance
  5. How things might turn out

They are An informed person who gets paid for their insight and guidance. THEY ARE YOU

Removing the Blocks to Service

You must remove the blocks to service. That means to never undervalue who you are and what you know and ever underestimate why you are capable of.

Most people say who am I to say how to do something? Brendon says who are you not to? If you know something that can help other people it doesn’t matter if you’re the #1 expert You know more than the next guy coming up – HELP THEM. Anything you know is an expertise

The biggest road block is peoples self-worth; people don’t value themselves so they don’t start. Don’t let your small business make you small-minded

Backend Products/Programs And Services

4You make money with products, but those products don’t have to be books. There are at least 14 products you can create to make money. Brendon has created Webcasts that earned over $200,000.

This makes the expert business go. If you begin with the end in mind it works. Brendon and the expert academy will do that, including teaching you:

  1. How you build a list
  2. How you get people to buy things
  3. How to build a brand

How To Create Your Brand

This is your time to get people to rally around you and create a difference in people’s hearts if you just share what you know. These 3 things consist of how to create your brand.

  1. Opt-in page
  2. Your name, your email and a video or page saying he’s going to teach you stuff for free
  3. Value page
  4. Land on it and a video or content giving what is promised
  5. Sales video
  6. A video or content that talks about what you have and why its different that anything else
  7. Has an add to cart button – buys program

Brendon has generated about $17.5 million in sales and created two #1 best-selling books in the last 2 years with this model!

This Model Works Everywhere

The #1 complaint Brendon gets is “It works for you, but you work with professionals.” Well it also worked for the President of the United States – that’s not being diplomatic it’s just being honest!

The Home page for had an opt-in box and Barack Obama won the presidency through email information. He then sent a value page for opting in and a conversational email with an invitation to his birthday party leading to a sales page. Obama talked to people, without a marketing email template and won re-election

10 Steps to an Expert Empire

How-I-Built-My-Expert-Empire-Video-PosterIt Doesn’t matter if you’re making millions or hundreds of dollars, everyone is building their expert empire with these 10 steps.

  1. Claim and master your topic
    1. Doesn’t have to be 1 thing – start with 1
    2. You don’t have to be great to begin, you have to begin to be great
  2. Pick your audience
    1. Who do you want to serve?
  3. Discover your audience’s problems and ambitions
    1. Marketing is training – you can help people reach their highest ambitions. You have to know what they are.
  4. Define your story
    1. What have you learned?
    2. What do you know that you can monetize
  5. Create a solution
    1. Create a product where you can deliver your advice
  6. Put up a Web site
    1. Web sites are very simple and inexpensive
  7. Campaign Your Products And Programs
    1. Enroll them in a campaign where you are adding tremendous value to them
  8. Post And Promote Free Content
    1. Brendon has put out hours of free content that have impacted so many people because he WANTS to help them
  9. Get Promotional Partners
    1. Engage affiliates that help you get your message out there
    2. Experts Academy has a promotional partners crash course that will teach you that
  10. Focus on Distinction, Excellence and Service
    1. Distinction – how can you offer things that are different and unique
    2. Excellence – Do it in a way that is excellent
    3. Service – 2 angles
      1. Customer – Reply to emails and take care of customers
      2. Serve the world with something that is meaningful; the difference in peoples lives is much greater than the money

These 10 things are tactical and they help you build a tremendous brand. All of Brendon’s results came from these 10 things.

Brendon teaches messaging and marketing and building the overall business and making it last. While you’re sleeping, things are selling online and you can benefit from that

3 Tips to Your Successful Experts Empire

If Brendon Could Give you 3 Success Tips, what would they be?

Messaging and marketing is going to take you farther no matter how advanced you are in creating your brand. These three success principles will also help build your expert empire

  1. Success Principle #1 – Give yourself permission to help people and share your story
    1. You have to allow yourself to help people with what you know
    2. People will listen to you if you have results, done research or are a role model
  2. Success Principle #2 – Take this seriously and finally schedule block time to create
    1. $10 billion industry in people giving advice; jump in and be part of it
    2. Actually take the time to join the industry
    3. Schedule real time when you’re doing nothing else
  3. Success Principle #3 – Create a product, put up a marketing sequence and BEGIN
    1. This is the time to give people help – never had more people looking for it. You’ll do it distinctly, with more effort and with more service than anyone else

The Expert’s Mission

We are all out here to inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals. Why would you not?. This is the moment where you can choose to help other people.

Until next time, Live fully, love openly and make your difference today

Get Started now – watch the first video

The Experts Academy Elite Online, and all of Brendon’s Events have 4 separate 1 hour video of really insightful, big-picture TRAINING. This is full on specialized knowledge. You need to watch the video. Get the details, and OPT-IN to be notified of the next video being release.


If you do think you might be interested in the course, then stay tuned to our emails during the event, because we’ll have a special offer for you to make your decisions super easy. So easy in fact, some would use the OVER USED phrase…NO BRAINER

Learn More about The Experts Academy

How-I-Built-My-Expert-Empire-Report-Cover-PPZT-850This video is again an hour long, so filled with extremely important information that you can use today including 10 Steps to take right now to create your Expert Empire. I have also again created a PDF report of the video to summarize what he covers so you can scan it quickly. You can download the report here.

But make sure you watch the video, because his nuggets of value are in between the bullet points.

Please let me know if you have any questions about how you might get started in this world.

I am here as a resource for you. Leave a question below, or contact us at any time.

There will be another video in a few day, and one more a few days after that. Then this 4 day training course will be offline again for another year.

So take advantage now, go watch now.




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