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How I Started

Even though I was trained in the area of Multimedia, and worked on building websites for many years before I started “Blogging”, I want to assure you, that my experience isn’t required to start, and eventually be successful at earning a life supporting income from blogging.

In fact, when I launched my first content website (blog), in 2007, I was working as a developer on a million dollar website development, yet I still managed to do almost everything wrong.

I Knew Nothing About Blogging


(except that I could get wealthy doing it)

So I was working in website development, mostly on the types of websites that are NOT content websites, like Business sites, Corporate Sites, Enterprise Sites, and Software as Service Sites. So my experience with blogging was ZERO.

I knew I wanted to own many of these sites someday, so I started with one.

The first thing I did right, however, was that I actually started. That’s the key to it all. Get going already. You’re odds of success increase exponentially when you start, wouldn’t you say?

I Just Started SomeWhere


I picked a topic very casually. I had an instinct for one in particular. I had tried this crazy little detox diet called The Master Cleanse a few times and so I had an impression that this topic had potential, even though at that time, I didn’t know why.

I had no research on how to choose a topic, I just chose one just to get started, because like you, even though I was earning a living, I was working all the time, trading my hours for dollars. I knew I wanted my time for myself, and to be free from an office, allowing me to travel the world.

Here’s the first list I made of how to get started (taken directly from a scribbled note on my office whiteboard):

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Get a domain and hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Theme, design???
  5. Write some content

I chose a domain name, again going only by instinct. It seemed obvious to me to put the name of the cleanse in the domain, and so I found the best Top Level Domain I could. That turned out to be very fortunate. I truly believe that having your primary keyword in your domain is a major advantage for developing your site. At least early on. Since then I have launched a few websites and ranked in the top 5 in google almost immediately just by having the keyword in the domain.

Next I wrote 4 simple articles outlining my experience, what I knew about the topic. They were not researched. They took an hour to write, and they were filled with my “train-of-thought” typos and grammatical deviations (which most of my articles tend to have).

No Experience Necessary

I built a very simple custom theme (since I was a developer after all), and launched the site. This is NOT recommend, and was a mistake. But in my defence, there wasn’t many amazing theme developers like WooThemes back then.

My experience with websites was totally working against me. I chose the hardest route in many cases because I could.

In actual fact, my experience was completely unnecessary. The steps to building a website, like Domains, Hosting and WordPress are so Facebook simple that anyone who can click a mouse can do it.

But I launched hastily and then the next thing I did was….


Well, not exactly.

From Employee to Business Owner (Job Owner)

Not long after that I left my contract to develop that web application I formed a website development company building entry level business websites for local small businesses in my hometown.

While that business was growing my knowledge in WordPress, was slowly getting ranked in Google, and getting traffic. That traffic linked back to my site, and my rankings went up.

Once I noticed that was getting some modest traffic, I started to put about and hour per week into things like writing more content.

Now my website development company was focus just on building the websites for small business, and not yet on actually marketing those websites – getting them found online in search engines so they get traffic (read new customers). I knew we need to offer this to our customers, but most of them didn’t yet get it. They didn’t know they needed to be found on Google.

After I added some Google Adsense code and started making $1/day on the little traffic it was getting I realized how important being found on Google was, even if my clients didn’t.

Rank #1 in Google – √ Check

So I started practicing on and soon, it was ranking #1 for the most challenging keyword “Master Cleanse”.

When that happened, my traffic began to grow substantially. The daily grind of finding clients, and maintaining and office was wearing on me, especially in convincing them to do what I was doing with The Master Cleanse for their own sites.

So I began to focus about an hour per day on the site, knowing that it could compound, growing daily with each new visitor who links back to my site.

Also at that time I began to focus on how I was going to live my life through my passions, and not for profits alone. So I left for Costa Rica to explore the remote working lifestyle. I could work 90 minutes per day, and spend the rest of my day exploring the beach, learning to surf, and actively engaging life, and what inspired me.

From Business Owner to Semi-Retired at 35

After a short few months of building content, building keywords, and adding Amazon and Advertising revenue to my site, I was able to close my company and live off of my revenue from

No more clients. No more office. No more trading my hours for dollars.

Now that time I focused on an 80/20 principal that allowed me to rationalize spending 80% of my time living life, and only 20% of my time focused on my high leverage tasks of building, and documenting the process so I could launch more sites like it.

I Created a System

Through that process and until now, I have been studying, testing and documenting what works and what doesn’t so that I could launch more websites like and so I could teach others how to do the same, so that I would be able to launch websites about my other passions easily, and so that all my friends and family who’ve been asking me for years what it is that I do exactly, could benefit from my trial and error, and avoid the mistakes I made. is the culmination of 5 full years of trial and error on how to make money online through blogging.

I put a focus on choosing to follow your passions and so for me, this website is split into two worlds: 1 – exploring and living out joyful experiences of all shapes and sizes, and 2 – leveraging those experiences so that they actually allow you to have more of them by eliminating the need for work, even the concept of work. Because when you make money doing what you love, you are never working.

Amazingly, the scribble list I made 5 years ago on how to get started is still the same today :

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Get a domain and hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Theme, design???
  5. Write some content

Now I know you’ve experienced the same as I have. You’ve felt like you’ve worked too much. Or that your business is still just a job you own. You probably feel like you don’t’ spend enough time doing what you love, time with your family, your kids.

So why wait any longer. Learn from my experience, and my mistakes. It’s all laid out in front of you. It’s free and yours for the taking. Register today. Now is always a good time to start.

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