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How To Add Share Buttons Into an Ebook, Whitepaper or Report

share-keyboardHave you ever downloaded a free ebook, whitepaper or report that you found extremely helpful?

If yes, did you share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or via email?

Or, did you read it, file it or delete it?

Why Should You Add Share Buttons?

As a content website owner, a great way to build a list is to give away something of value in the form of an ebook, whitepaper or report.  By producing QUALITY content that includes links back to your website within your ebook, whitepaper or report you can generate free traffic to your website.

If your subscribers share your free download with their friends, they will introduce your content to a whole new audience that you might not have been able to reach on your own.  And, ultimately, it will result in new subscribers on your content website.

But, the fact is that no matter how earth shattering good your free download might be, most Ebooks, Whitepapers and Reports are not openly shared if there are just too many steps involved to share it. (meaning more than a 1 click step…..YES….in today’s world, if people can’t do something as simply and quickly as possible, they won’t do it.)

How Do You Make It Easy For People To Share Your Content?

If you have ever built or managed a WordPress website, you know that it is quite easy to add share buttons on your posts and pages.  Just take a look to the left of this article to see what I mean.  The buttons you see provide a simple, one-click option for people to share this post with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others.

Well, it’s not anymore difficult to add Share Buttons into an Ebook, Whitepaper or Report. All you need to do is find a few images online that create a call-to-action to “share” your content and add a SHARE link to the image.

Below you will find the links you need to use  to add Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Email share buttons into your documents.  If you look closely at the Share Text and Share Link examples below, you’ll see how you can create your own links.

(Click on the social & email icons below to see how the Share Buttons work)

TwitterHow To Add A Twitter Share Button

Share Text: I just downloaded the Sports Job Guide by @sportsnetworker.  Get your free copy here: #sportsbiz

Share Link:



PDF Example:


How To Add A Facebook Share Button

You can’t customize the title or content in a Facebook Share…..Link only

Share Link:



How To Add A Linkedin Share Button


Share Title: Get your free copy of the Sports Job Guide
Share Content: Learn what it takes to make it in the sports industry from experience sports business professionals.  Get yours here:

Share Link:




How To Add An Email Share Button

Share Subject: Check out this free Sports Job Guide
Share Body Content: I just downloaded the Sports Job Guide from Sports Networker.  Get your free copy here:

Share Link:




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