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How to Build a Website

I built my first “Content Website”, or “Blog”, 5 years ago, and now I earn enough recurring monthly income to pay for my lifestyle, whatever I decide it to be; beaches and surfing, mountains and hiking, or city and yoga. You can have your cake and eat it too. (Scroll down to watch the video tutorial on How to Build a Website).

Short Cut: How to Build a Website

Getting your website started is SO SIMPLE. It’s really just 10 minutes and a couple dozen clicks. It’s FACEBOOK simple, so if you can play farmville you can learn how to build a website.

You really only need 3 things to get started:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Dreamhost Hosting Account
  3. Install Wordpress Website

How to get a Domain Name (website address)

Your Domain Name is the name of your website, it’s the address that people find your website at. The domain name for this website is

I have hundreds of domain names and 5 different “Registrars”. A registrar is just a service that allows you to register a domain name. Most registrars are also hosts, but some are not.

Not all registrars are created equal. Some are very difficult to transfer away from. Some are even difficult just to buy from (GoDaddy, the biggest registrar has many  different upsells and distractions).

I have tried most registrars and hosts, and found that you should keep it simple and effective. Dreamhost is a registrar who also offers very flexible, reliable and easy to use hosting service.

How to Setup a Hosting Service

Websites are just files on a computer, and a host is just the computer somewhere in the world where the files that make up your website will live. Your domain name will “POINT” to where your files are located, so having your registrar and your host with the same service makes things very simple.

Dreamhost offers 24/7 support who are happy to help you with all your questions if you can’t find them here at

They also offer 1-Click installs of many website platforms like WordPress -which is amazing free software that we’ll use to power our websites.

How to Build a Website using WordPress

WordPress is world class. It’s by far the leading platform for all kinds of webistes. Huge magazines that we’ll aspire to and that are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars (yes I said 100’s), use WordPress. It’s very easy to use, and VERY Powerful.

WordPress uses themes to create very beautiful and functional websites with the click of a button. I love WooThemes and use them for almost all of my websites, including and

I have put together a 10 minute video that walks you through the entire process

Here’s a list of shortcut’s on How to Build a Website:

  1. Dreamhost
  2. WooThemes

Very Important Next Steps

While you’re establishing your project, you should be aware of the big picture. PassionProfits is about the Roadmap and the Gameplan. We know exactly where you’re going, and how you’ll get there –and so should you.

  1. The Roadmap
  2. The Gameplan

The Internet Marketing Continuum

Now that you have a website, you need to build it properly. Of all the hundreds of tasks, strategies, tactics you could learn and execute, you really are only doing 3 things OVER AND OVER, in a continuing cycle.

  1. Creating Content (Blogging)
  2. Generating Traffic (Engaging the Community)
  3. Establishing Revenue Streams (Monetization)

Passion Platform – Getting Started – Being Motivated

My approach to making money online always begins with Passion. These articles will get you started quickly and help you achieve momentum before you get overwhelmed with technical aspects.

  1. Recognize the Opportunity
  2. Overcome Obstacles
  3. Acquire Some Basic Computer Skills
  4. Passion Prospecting
  5. Understand the Tree of Knowledge

Profit Platform – Services and Tools

These services and tools will provide you with the right weapons to build your project properly from the start. Do you really want one of those houses that had wing after wing added over years and years with no understand of what would come next? You end up with a house that has no flow. It’s dysfunctional. Most websites end up this way because they start without the right services and tools.

  1. File Management
  2. Google – Master Account
  3. Use Helpful Tools and Services
  4. Establish a Command Center

Bonus Videos on how to build a website

By registering with Dropbox, you’ll get access to a select set of training videos, a few simple secrets to setting up your website quickly. Learning how to build a website has never been easier.

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