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The Roadmap

So people tend to get a little hazy eyed when considering the process of Making Money Online. But the process is very simple when broken down into major Milestones. These Milestones are true for almost any venture, whether you’re launching an website for a business, or personal blog, or an internet marketing empire.

Milestones and Landmarks

Before we get into the major Milestones you should understand that this is a process. It’s a series of tasks that must be undertaken. This of couse takes time to execute and then more time to mature. Along the way we can measure our progress by tracking 5 Key Performance Indicators, to help us find our way to our destination. We’ll be tracking and evaluating our performance in each area and we’ll use these Key Performance Indicators to set objectives.

  1. Posts Published
  2. Links Built
  3. Community Members
  4. Site Traffic
  5. Cash Flow

From Zero to One

A journey with no destination can be very fun, but when you know where you are, your destination has a funny way of becoming  more clear. So with that in mind, let’s determine our own Zero Point.

Now, it’s true that all of us have a different starting point. I am certain some of you will come into this system with hosting accounts, or domain names already purchased. Some of you think you know what you’re talking about, others actually do know what they’re talking about, and inevitably most of us just don’t know what we’re talking about whatsoever. So if you’re already experienced you’ll be tempted to consider yourself further down the road, and therefore tend to think “I know that”. And when that happens, that is the time when learning STOPS.

There is a Zen saying “empty your glass”. You can’t fill a glass that’s already full. So for the sake of your experience, please consider yourself at the same point as the rest of us; AT ZERO. You’ll have opportunity to prove yourself, or jump ahead if you must at during the process.

What we want to do is to build a website from a ZERO type website (non-existant), to a 1 type, or a 1.0 state. This is a state of achievement, where the project looks and feels like a complete work. All systems are functioning and mature. While it may be true there is an inevitable 2.0, 3.0 and onward, those evolutions are merely refinements, adjustments, adjuncts, compliments and other growth activities.

So the process for us will take our website through the milestones and over time will graduate to a Type 1 Website. We’ll grow from 0.1 to 0.2 with each major Milestone. We’ll also drill deep down into Minor Markers moving from 0.0 to 0.0.1 to 0.0.2 before we get to 0.1.

The Type 1 Website

So What is a Type 1 Website exactly? And how much time are we talking about?

A Type 1 Website is a website that has achieved several, if not all of the following value factors:


  1. Posts Published
    • All Pillar Posts
    • All Core Content
  2. Links Built
    • Around 10,000 Backlinks and Likes
  3. Community Members
    • Well over 10,000 Community Members
  4. Site Traffic
    • Receiving around 1o,000 unique visits per day
  5. Income
    • Earning around $10,000 per month
  6. Site Value
    • $1,000,0000

OK, so a 1 miillion dollar valuation seems lofty. But this training isn’t for you flat-landers out there. This target is very achievable. If you’re life is currently run by a set of programs that limits your beliefs, please pay extra attention to our first sections on changing your belief structure to allow for these potentials.

Of these indicators, the Income indicator  is the one we’ll target as it is the fundamental measure. Each site is different. Some will require many more Posts, others, more Community Members. But they all will achieve income, and so we’ll mark our progress by how much money we are making.

The daddy to Website Income is the Website Value Indicator since most defensible valuation models refer to income in one way or another. As we move through the Roadmap, we build upon these Value factors and the the Website will grow. BUT before you go tuning out on me, let’s break that down to each order of magnitude of growth along the way.

Orders of Magnitude

Building a website that’s worth $100 seems achievable wouldn’t you say? In fact, your website is worth that almost immediately, just by launching it. Isn’t that amazing? In fact many people make a nice living just launching website. Their 1 hour work gets them $100. Not bad.

The $100 value is our first Order of Magnitude. We’ll scale up from here, adding content, building links, growing our community, and activating revenue streams until we reach the next Order of Magnitude, a website valued at $1,000 for example. From there we’ll continue unti we grow right though the next orders until we’re at $1,000,000.

Website Valuations Orders of Magnitude (OoM)

  • $100
  • $1,000
  • $10,000
  • $100,000
  • $1,000,000

These Orders of Magnitude are Base 10. Meaning they grow by a factor of 10. Of course websites grow at different rates (factor of 10 is substantial growth). But that growth is relative to the time, which is to say, the duration of the project.

Growing a website to Type 1 ($1,000,000) in 1 year seems more difficult that 2 years right? The answer is… It depends.

The growth period is impacted by so many factors, like: the chosen niche market, the quality of the content created, the quantity of the content created, the amount of links built etc. What’s more, this is compounded over time. The point is to recognize the growth objectives and break them down into meaningful accomplishments. For example a website that is earning $1/day might be valued at $500. A website earning $5 day might be valued at $2,500. Here is a breakdown of sample earnings/valuations that we will move through along the roadmap

1st Order of Magnitude

  • $1 / day
  • $30 / month
  • $365 / year
  • VALUE = $500
  • Valuation Multiple = 1.25

2nd Order of Magnitude

  • $5 / day
  • $150 / month
  • $1,825 / year
  • VALUE = $2,500
  • Valuation Multiple = 1.5

3rd Order of Magnitude

  • $10 / day
  • $300 / month
  • $3,650 / year
  • VALUE = $5,000
  • Valuation Multiple = 1.5

4th Order of Magnitude

  • $20 / day
  • $600 / month
  • $7,300 / year
  • VALUE = $15,000
  • Valuation Multiple = 2.0

5th Order of Magnitude

  • $50 / day
  • $1,500 / month
  • $18,250 / year
  • VALUE = $50,000
  • Valuation Multiple = 2.0

6th Order of Magnitude

  • $100 / day
  • $3,000 / month
  • $36,500 / year
  • VALUE = $100,000
  • Valuation Multiple = 3.0

7th Order or Magnitude

  • $500 / day
  • $15,000 / month
  • $182,500 / year
  • VALUE = $1,000,000
  • Valuation Multiple = 5

A note on valuation multiples. As the site grows, matures, and maximizes the complimentary value factors (content, links, traffic, members, income), it’s multiple will grow from a standard multiple of 1x yearly earnings (for immature websites) to closer to that of a mature business valuation of 5x – to even 10x yearly earnings. Now there are many valuation factors and models, but these generalizations can be consider very usable guidelines.

The Roadmap Timeline

Based on these objectives we can pencil in a timeline considering an average amount of productivity. I believe this timeline can be done in a year doing about an hour of work each each day. But 18 months will be our standard target.

Have more time? Maybe you can get done faster.

Have more money than time? Maybe you can hire someone to do some of the stuff that needs to get done.

Maybe you have both time and money. In this case, you might considering buy your way to the top -there’s nothing wrong with that AT ALL!

The timeline for all of this is organized into 3 Major Modules, each sub-divided into 3 Landmakrs for a total of 9 Major Landmarks. Each Landmarkhas it’s  own characteristics and individual Mile Markers, or Chapters that we’ll drill down into a little later, or you can register for the Roadmap Webinar which will cover these individual Markers which are simply the Training and the Actions and Accomplishments we take/make along the way.

  1. Passion Project (FIRST 30 Days)
    • Getting Started
      • Starts with motivation, understanding of the opportunity, and just how accessible it is so that we can quickly overcome any obstacles to our success. This will allow us to focus on the energizing challenge of Prospecting our Passions to choose a topic for our Passion Project.
    • Mission Control
      • We’ll setup the command center for our Passion Project utilizing the most effective tools, services and resources available to us so that we can manage our project without the burden of the technology being in the way, leaving us to the fun stuff: creativity, connecting with people and enjoying success.
    • The MoneySite
      • Our Passion Project is really a more than OneWebsite, although at the bulk of this network is on our MoneySite. The MoneySite is the primary property of our Network of properties including Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and YouTube Channels. We’ll systematically build this property so that it is the stable HUB of our network so that the whole system can actually allow us work less, not more.
  2. Internet Marketing Continuum (5 months)
    • Content Creation
      • Content Creation starts with both Market and Keyword research. Simple ideas quickly grow together to form Reports and other FreeLine Content we give to our readers in exchange for their membership. Blog articles build search traffic. Rich media like videos and podcasts will wow our audience. As a whole, this content forms a Knowledgebase that provides the basis for Community Support and Marketing all at the same time.
    • Social Inter-Networking
      • The Social Networking of the Internet forms a beautifully connected WEB of social media properties like Facebook, twitter, blogger, youtube and so much more. This network creates a medium to distribute our content, and for people to subscribe to our content. This creates an even richer community and user experience that starts with friending and following, and always involves engaging our fans and readers with the rich content from our growing KnowledgeBase.
    • Revenue Streams
      • Our Passions turn to Profits when we start to add Revenue Streams to our both our MoneySite and our growing Network and Community. As we achieve different MileStones in terms of traffic and members, we’ll start to add more and more streams which are all really just forms of advertising (first for other people, then for us). Once we have a targeted audience, who have related interests, we’ll want to support their effort in SOLVING THEIR PROBLEM they’re seeking an answer to, which originally led them to our content.
  3. Content Website Business (1 Year)
    • Information Products
      • We will quickly solidify the value of our Content Website Business by substantially adding to our Revenue Streams by creating Information Products -which are simply RePurposed, and ReMastered versions of the Core Content we’ve already created. We’ll package this information in familiar and effective formats like Ebooks, Membership Sites, and Coaching Programs.
    • Business Development
      • Our Passion Project’s value grows enormously when we actively engage in Business Development strategies such as using more mature tools to automate the creation of our content and the process of the sales cycle. We’ll utilize user-generated content from our established community, as well as outsourcing certain repetitive and technical tasks. This creates a “Moat” around our business, making it’s value more secure and defensible from competition.
    • Automation and Scaling
      • Everything we’ve covered up to this point is now ready to be improved upon, and built upon. Tools and Services we used before that cost very little can be replaced with (ironically) more simple, but yet more powerful and more expensive ones. This will allow for much bigger rewards though the production and deployment of more elaborate products features. Supported by the continual application of established fundamentals we will begin to develop Joint Ventures combined with Product Launches to take our Business to the next frontier: a Type 1 Website.

Traffic Lanes

Obviously everyone is different. So you can opt for a few different lanes. These first 3 lanes related to your skill level. The material you’ll get will be tailored to your level accounting for more detailed explanations of common, simple steps, and practices that a veteran or master would like know already and be using every day.

  1. Noobie
  2. Vetran
  3. Master
These next two lanes refer to your ambitions or intentions. If you want to be a blogger, starting very simple and making a few bucks, or if you want to be a publisher owning several websites and hiring people to run your business, then there will be slight differences in your approach.
  1. Blogger
  2. Publisher

Training Materials and Resources

There are no training materials associated with this Mile, but here is a list of Related, Relevant and past Training Materials

  1. The Roadmap
  2. Recognize the Opportunity
  3. Overcoming Obstacles

Action Steps

  1. Register for


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