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The GamePlan

OK, so it’s a mixed metaphor. We started with a RoadMap, and now we’re talking GamePlans, and they even seem redundant too. But they’re not I promise. Where the Roadmap illustrated where we’re going, and what route we’ll take, The GamePlan describes HOW we’re going to do it.

The Importance in Having a Plan

Even in games where we’re meant to be playing we should have a plan (if we’re serious about winning that is -or achieving a specific objective). I was a professional athlete. I played hockey for a living. We studied, trained, and focused our energy and efforts at 80/20 activities as if we were building a business. We had a plan that we would use as a framework for success while we played the game.

In this light, we’re taking a new approach on to how we deliver this content. Of course we’re going to deliver great information, training, videos, webinars, audio download and articles on the public (free) blog. But we’re also going to be utilizing the nature of Social Networking and our evolving community to turn this process into a game, so that #1 maybe the process is even more fun than building a Million Dollar Blog could possibly be already.

The Priority is ALWAYS Having Fun

In Malcolm Gladwells amazing book “Outliers”, Malcolm describes the situations that made genius in people possible, or even more likely. It’s an amazing read full of examples and so I am paraphrasing dramatically, but what he concludes is that what we call genius, or at least the TOP 0.01 percentile of the OVER ACHIEVERS is the result of not extra-ordinary BRAINS, or GIFTS, but more often the result of OPPORTUNITY, and FUN.

These Outliers (those people who’s accomplishments are outside of the average) accumulated MANY, many hours of practice – 10,000 hours to be exact. Now that’s an Order of Magnitude. But more importantly, the individual didn’t feel like they were practicing. They were having FUN. They experienced an extraordinary joy in the action alone, and that mindset allowed for their brain and mind to soak up the motions, skills, and patterns needed to ACQUIRE genius more rapidly and effectively.

As a sidenote, I was interested to know what level of skill would be acquired with a smaller Order of Magnitude of hours accumlated. How good of a WHATEVER would you be if you engaged in 1,000 hours of JOYFUL PRACTICE. What about 100 hours?

  • 10,000 hours = I am the best
  • 1,000 hours = I am very good
  • 100 hours =  I CAN DO
  • 10 hours = I have tried
  • 1 hours = I can’t do

In The Roadmap Article I said that we’ll shoot for an average effort of 90 minuts per day for 18 months. That’s 1,030 Hours of Action AND Theory (study). So by this calculation, by the end of this training, and ACTION, you’ll not only have accomplished the building of something, but you’ll also have acquired the skillset making you very good at what you’re doing.

So, sure you can wander through the blog posts, read, consume, learn, implement and succeed on your own. But these are the days of Social Networking, and so we’re building a community, a platform for you to make this process even more fun. Because that’s the name of the Game – Passion, fun, enjoyment… not only in the topic you choose to make your MoneySite from, but also in the journey, the learning, the DOING, of building that MoneySite.

It all starts, and ends with you. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. When you download the free Roadmap you’ll get a FREE Membership to Passion Profits Community and access to the PASSION PROFITS system. Once you’re in, you’ll begin to receive instructions on how to proceed and immediately begin to receive training on your FIRST and NEXT steps. Do stuff. Get stuff. PERIOD.

When you’ve completed the training, and take the necessary actions, you’ll receive more training, support and much more. And so it will go until you’ve gone from Zero to 1 Million Dollar Blog – over what should take around 18 months. BUT remember it could take you shorter (or longer) depending on how much time (or money), you put into your project.

Having a GamePlan

Inside the Community, you’ll be able to check your status, accumulate points and credits, achieve new levels and awards, and even redeem those credits and awards for ACTUAL WORK to be done on your site. OR, alternatively, you can always choose to purchase credits to leapfrog past an obstacle you just can’t get through, that you just don’t have the time for, or just don’t want to do.

  • Status Updates – Sharing
  • Checkins – What task your working on
  • Leaderboards
  • Levelling Up, Getting Awards, Banners, Trophy’s, Badges
  • Scoring Points – Redeeming Points


Although we encourage transparent participation on your project, you may feel like your project is private and you don’t want your progress publicly displayed. Perhaps you’re developing some very interesting niche, and don’t want to draw attention to it. We understand this, and so we can accommodate you to by making your project private.

HOWEVER!!! – You should know that we feel in nearly all cases, for new blogs, the value is in the system of development, not in the BRAND or in the FIRST MOVER pride that we all seem to have about keeping a secret that is so special that just by being first we feel we will be the best and are assured success. This just isn’t true.

What’s more, the mere fact of participating in our Community will give you free and invaluable support. You may even find your neighbours lending a helping hand, doing some of your actions for you. Isn’t that something? Lend a hand, get support That’s what it’s all about.


When you enter into the Roadmap and Gameplan you can join up with a COURSE CLASS, or take an INDEPENDENT COURSE.

Course Classes are scheduled events, staring just a few time per year. The course will be delivered on a schedule, and will focus on specific topics to be deeply explored through detailed Webinars and Coaching Calls.

The Independent Course is not confined to a time. It starts when you start and ends when you end. Just register and get started.

You’re flexible, so are we.

Having a plan doesn’t mean being rigid. Plans are meant to illuminate the way, not force us into a direction. So our Gameplan is flexible to allow you to take your own time, choose your level of engagement, and be your own boss. Which is the point right? The Passion Profits lifestyle is what lead you away from an inflexible work schedule and lifestyle.

You can break free of the Gameplan anytime by doing one or more of the following:

  • Referring to Material on the PUBLIC BLOG
  • Posting Questions in the Support Forum
  • Using credits to get HELP from the Community
  • Using credits to get specific training
  • Upgrading to a paid Coaching Program

Training Materials and Resources

There are no training materials associated with this article, but here is a list of Related, Relevant and past Training Materials.

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Action Steps

  1. Register for

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